Changing your house but not your home...

Why Hire a Move Manager


​​If you haven't moved in twenty years, you may be shocked at the cost of a move.  Now is not the time to do this on the cheap.  If you have been frugal your whole life saving for a rainy day, THIS is the rainy day you have saved for. Spending some of your money for this move  will help make this as easy as possible for you AND your family.

Moving can be stressful and physically demanding.  Allow someone else to carry the burden of the labor and the headache.  You are the boss, we'll be the muscle for you.  Ask yourself how much time this move will take, and if your time could be better spent if you hired experienced professionals to do the work for you.

Type of house

Number of boxesTime to pack
Apartment30-4015-20 Hours
Town House50-7525-40 Hours
Single Family Home100-15050-75 Hours