Changing your house but not your home...

Is it Time to Move?

​​​​If you are sitting on the fence about whether to stay or move, there are some factors you should consider about "aging in place" (remaining in your family home as you age).  Just as life changes, our lifestyle and housing needs change too.

Remember the house you grew up in, or your first apartment when you got your first job or were newly married? Do you remember how excited you were when you bought your first house to raise your family in?

If you had never moved from your parents home, what would your life have been like? Think of all the life experiences you would have missed.  The same is true with moving on in later life.  

Your current housing situation should be a good fit for where you are now in your life.  Your lifestyle should allow you flexibility and freedom to do more of what you enjoy.  You will also keep more of your ability to function independently if you move to a setting that better fits this stage in your life.

The important focus is to do your research and then make a decision that feels right for you and makes sense for your future.